It's 2021!  New energy, new location and a new name!  
We've moved to Sarasota, Florida & Aloha Healing International LLC is now Conscious Community Consulting LLC!


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Customer Testimonials

Expect miracles...

"This was my first Reconnective Healing and it was great!  

I tend to hold stress in my chest and throat, so those areas aways feel very tense and constricted. During my session, the center of that whole area felt like it was being pulled open and expanded.  My eyes were closed the whole time but I sensed a bright liquid orange color with a black, fractured crust over top of it in the center of my chest and throat.  The chunks of black crust were being absorbed into the liquid making it a more vibrant red/orange.  It made me think of a video of a lava flow.  After a few moments, I felt the tension I'd been holding there release!

I had also been having a lot of pain in both of my elbows for a few months before going to see Linda. Toward the end of my session my arms, shoulders and torso started to jerk and shake quite hard.  My elbows became extremely painful, bringing me to tears.  After the shaking and intense pain subsided, I felt Linda touch my shoulder letting me know the session was over.  I had a small amount of pain in my elbows right after the healing but it was much less than when I had arrived.  Over the last couple weeks they have continued to get better and my chest and throat are still open and relaxed. 

I'm very grateful for the healing Linda shared with me. She provided a comfortable and loving space that made it easy for me to relax and receive."

- V.H. - Ewa Beach, Hawaii - USA

"I fell about 5 months ago and had a very large lump on my head after hitting it on a metal door.  I then began having headaches which I never used to have and it was increasing in frequency.  When I felt my head I could tell the side of the lump never returned to an equal size as the other side.  I felt out of balance.  Linda did her Reconnective Healing on my head and I could literally feel the energy flow within my head.  The next morning I felt my head and was so amazed.  The swelling that I was still feeling was gone!  My left and right side were now equal in size and I finally felt balanced again.  The headaches also dissipated.  The Reconnection is a special and unique healing technique and it works!"

- L.S. - Waipahu, Hawaii - USA

Believe in the possibilites...

"The healing sessions I received from Linda were amazing. During the first one, I remember many remarkable and interesting sensations of energy as she worked. The most interesting was the sensation of (for lack of a better description) energy being drawn from my toes to the top of my head, sort of like spaghetti being wrapped around a forkā€¦ wow! The most remarkable effects of the healings have been in the way my life seems to be moving forward with great speed! Almost like having someone push the 'fast forward' button on your life! And what a ride it has been! I can only theorize that somehow the healings removed some 'blockages' that were standing in the way of my life path. I am so grateful for the spiritual healing she imparted to me."

- K.T. - Honolulu, Hawaii - USA

"I had never heard of Reconnective Healing or tried anything like it until Linda told me about her experience and life-altering changes.  I had worked with Linda for more than 10 years in a very traditional office setting and have known her to be a highly intelligent and analytical business woman.  Despite her brilliant financial talents, she struggled with major health issues that affected her entire life, so when she left her job to explore some exciting opportunities in Europe, I cheered her on, even if it meant more stress and struggle to lose her talents in the office.  Fast forward to a year later when I ran into Linda while in a local store.  She looked so relaxed and healthy and invited me to try a healing session.  Although I knew nothing, I accepted.

As soon as I lay on the table and closed my eyes I felt swirling and heard whooshing like something was flying around the table very quickly.  I felt mild tingling in my fingers and hands and started to see brilliant gem-toned colors.  First brilliant green like a rainforest, then blues and violets forming shapes.  Fleeting imagery like a pre-dream state continued as I deeply relaxed yet felt a presence around me.  At some points I heard loud buzzing like a hive of bees and various areas on my body twitched and tingled even though I was never physically touched.  When the session was complete, I felt relaxed, refreshed, and open to the possibilities of the universe.  I look forward to my next healing session with Linda!"

- H.G. - Ewa Beach, Hawaii, USA

Expect the unexpected...


"Your healing was one of the most interesting things I've ever experienced.

I remember that I was trying to stay awake but that it was very hard. I felt like I was somewhere in between awake and sleeping.  If you would have asked me anything I probably wouldn't have been able to answer you.

I remember the color yellow like flickering in front of my eyes.

I lost all sensation in my legs and arms, starting in the legs. I remember I told myself to wiggle my toes but I couldn't do it. It felt like my arms and legs were flying 2 cm above the bed.

You told me that you felt energy over my stomach and one week after we discovered that we were pregnant again!   Now, 8 months later, the baby is ready to be born in about 2 weeks!"

- E.R. - Karlsbad, Sweden


"My 'reconnection' experience was amazing!  At one point I found myself unable to open my eyes until she lightly tapped my shoulder to let me know we were done.  It was as though I was sleeping and awake at the same time.  The first time I woke with a bout of the giggles feeling both refreshed and energized.  The second time I felt as though I had taken a long nap in spite of the fact that I could still hear the ambient noises during the entire session.  Linda is a true professional and I'm very much looking forward to my next session with her."

- T.M. - Aiea, Hawaii, USA