It's 2021!  New energy, new location and a new name!  
We've moved to Sarasota, Florida & Aloha Healing International LLC is now Conscious Community Consulting LLC!


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Essential Oils

Essential oils are natural compounds extracted from plants.  These compounds play a critical role in the plants by protecting them from predators and disease.  We all recognize the aromatic benefits of the simple fragrance of an essential oil...but did you know that the same compounds in these essential oils that protect the plants and fight disease can be used in your health and home care as an alternative to conventionally used synthetic chemicals?  Essential oils contain powerful compounds that are strong enough to kill viruses, bacteria and fungi.  They have been used by civilizations throughout history for their therapeutic benefits.  With the current resurgence in a desire for more holistic health and home care, essential oils are being used safely by individuals taking charge of their own wellness to do everything from relieving occasional headaches and muscle strain... to soothing the occasional stomach ache... to calming tension and nerves... to uplifting mood and enhancing sanitizing hands, cleaning the air in the home and countertops in the kitchen... and so much more...all without the side effects of medications or the use of synthetic chemicals.

Conscious Community Consulting LLC is a business dedicated to sharing the benefits of natural alternatives in health and home care to support overall wellness.  Linda is a Certified Aromatherapist and a proud doTERRA Wellness Advocate excited to share the benefits of essential oils with you through individual consultations and through Essential Oil 101, Medicine Cabinet Makeover, Mood Management and her many other classes so that you may take charge of your own and your family's wellness.  Please contact us for information on our free consultations and classes.