It's 2021!  New energy, new location and a new name!  
We've moved to Sarasota, Florida & Aloha Healing International LLC is now Conscious Community Consulting LLC!


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Everything happens for a reason and there are no "accidents" you have found your way to this website for a reason. 

Conscious Community Consulting LLC offers Reconnective Healing Services for both animals and people, The Reconnection, Wellness Coaching and Essential Oil Consultations and Classes.

Wellness Practitioner Linda McCarthy has an amazing story of transformation.  From an agonized life with severely compromised health, including disorders considered both life-long and incurable, Linda found the healing of many of her various ailments through diet and lifestyle changes, integrating natural approaches to everyday home and self care such as essential oils, and through energy healing.  From nearly a dozen medications a day to no medication at all, her story of a return from a life plagued by illness to a vibrant life of well-being is nothing short of remarkable.   

From the depths of despair of living the life of a chronically ill person with conventional Western medicine providing minimal relief and, in some cases, actually creating new disease with the side effects of the medications, Linda found the remarkably simple lifestyle solutions that are available to us all to restore health and alleviate many of the diseases caused by the way of life most of us are living in our modern Western society.  

She also found an energy healing modality that helped to facilitate an incredible degree of recovery, to the point of no longer requiring any medication, from an incurable and devastatingly debilitating disease called Narcolepsy.   While making no claims to be 100% cured, Linda's magnificent degree of recovery, allowing her to live a medication free and vibrant life, has been marveled at by doctors, friends and family alike.   She has had the honor of having many doctors and medical professionals as clients and, to date, five doctors who have been clients of Linda's have even gone on to study Reconnective Healing.

Simultaneous with her physical metamorphosis, Linda discovered a multitude of transformative personal growth tools that helped her to change how she viewed the world and herself, enabling her to reach beyond an unconscious and unfulfilling life to one of conscious living, happiness, fulfillment and purpose.... 

....and that purpose is to help you also find the healing, transformation and growth that you are looking for in your own life.

Linda's enthusiasm for the powerful tools she uses in her own life, including a WFPB (Whole Foods Plant Based) lifestyle, The Reconnection™, and Essential Oils and Supplements as well as the other personal growth resources that have contributed to her healing, wellness and personal transformation are brought to you in the services she offers in her practice, which include:

Reconnective Healing™

     *  For People:  $150 per Session/$400 for a set of 3

     *  For Animals:  $125 per Session/$350 for a set of 3

The Reconnection™

     *  $333 for the 2 Session Process

Wellness Coaching

     * $100 per Session/$250 for a package of 3

Essential Oil Consultations & Classes - Free (contact us for more info)

    * Individual Wellness Consultation

    * Essential Oil 101, Mood Management and Other Classes

    * Ask about our AromaTouch™ promotion for hosting a class

Services are available world-wide.  Linda offers both in-person as well as remote sessions via phone, Skype and/or distance healing, depending on the service requested and location.   Linda travels regularly and she aspires to continue to offer services around the globe.  See our Where In the World...? page for info on past and upcoming travel locations.  Linda will be happy to let you know if there is the possibility of being in a city near you for an in-person session.

Please contact us to make an appointment or for further information:

By Phone:  808-673-3860

By Email:  [email protected]

Expect the Unexpected...  Expect Miracles.....